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Honto Yajuu by YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko

oh boy what was the last time i read a BL manga? i can’t remember orz. and i’m not so sure i’m that busy in real life so what the hell kept me from my 100+ titles to-read list?? anyhow, today i finally got this one down: Honto Yajuu.

my first impression of the manga was “wtf is going on the relationship began so sudden and so fast it didn’t even make sense lol”, and the fact that all the guys in here looks like 12 really bugged me. however i’m glad i continued with it because after a few chapters the couple started dating and this is when it’s getting good because the uke is too damn cute! he’s affectionate and fierce, and sometimes child-like but that’s what makes him so adorable, uguu xD the seme of this story is also a very interesting character. he’s the kind who is good to everyone, and that makes him a distance person (even his brother thinks so). but when he has some one in his heart (when he realized he had fallen for Aki), he is the perfect lover anyone could ever dream of!

on the other note, when i’m finally used to the style, Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s art gives me the feeling just like Junko’s does: it looks so innocent but whenever there’s an H scene it’s exceptionally erotic…

i mean, look at this >//<

now i want to try other works from Kotetsuko. wonder what title should i read next?

Anonymous asked: Thanks for sharing BL reading experience <3 I know you have a good taste in BL and it's fun to follow what you read and. :) What you read is what I'm looking for.. not too loose plot. I'm looking for BL with the deep plot.. sometimes heart wrenching. I just wanna tell you that I'm one who always visit your tumblr. :D Thanks!

oh my


thank YOU

Be Here to Love Me by KUMOTA Haruko

Usotsuki Lily by YAMADA Torico

the art is so cute! too bad this is probably the only work of this mangaka that got English translation :<

Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari by MATSUO Marta

They love each other for sure, moreover they were created for each other, they have incredibly much in common, but they Never will be together, never! Cause Paul feels too comfortable in his net of lies, and Jonathan is too young and independent to accept it. One day very soon Jonathan will find someone free and suitable (i’m almost sure it’ll be a woman) and will create valuable relationship leaving Paul behind. Paul will continue chasing after attractive guys, sometimes feeling melancholy remembering previous feelings (this time including Jonathan),at the same time creating an illusion of an ideal family. It’s not a comedy, nor a big drama. It’s just life.

EVERYTHING THAT COMMENT HAS SAID. it fucking hurts because it’s so true goddammit

Jason/YJ!Dick - Awesome? Why not Awefull? (NSFW)



Title: Awesome? Why not Awefull?
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: JayDick
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. Terrible attempt at writing. Underage sex.
A/N: Written for Chy, or my little one! Sorry for taking so long and if there are any mistakes. It’s almost 6am. Haha. Also, I don’t state which title Jason goes by in costume so feel free to imagine whatever. :D

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sdfsgdfhsfsa eeeeee~ <3 This is just the right mix of naughty and cute! Dick is such an adorable brat who somehow manages post-coital English-murdering! *rolls happily* Thank you Rubi, you’re the bestest mama ever~

Lovers, Souls by MIYAMOTO Kano

though kinda depressing (the first story dealing with character’s death and all), i still enjoy this story. and great art, btw. 

Carnivorous Animal’s Table Manners by KUSAMA Sakae 

that moment when you can barely grasp what a story’s on about but you still keep reading because somehow, something about that story was too appealing you just couldn’t bring yourself to a stop.

now looking at the cover again, i think maybe it was because of the art. yeah i totally did say that i love her art before. messy and sketchy angular lines, and so detailed there’re just so many things to look at at every page, every panel and i found it very attractive. and idk, maybe it’s also because of some very sweet moments i could find here and there in the manga that make this story totally worth a reread as soon as i have more free time.

best dick grayson/tim drake bromance fanfic seriously ever ›

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Dog’s Subway by KUSAMA Sakae