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Adekan by NAO Tsukiji

this manga… well seems like words fail me lol. i think i should just quote a really good comment in MU instead:

this is an AMAZING manga with art so breathtakingly perfect and characters so guilelessly sensual that the very air in this manga is like sublimated sex. Idk, I just found the whole experience of reading it ridiculously titillating. @_@; I might have a problem.

But hey, as others have said, the plots are incredibly well-written and self-contained little mysteries, and if for no other reason, read this manga for the story-telling. You won’t regret it. Plus, each little murder mystery, dark and darkly humorous as it is, reveals something disturbing AND something wonderful about human nature, AT THE SAME TIME. That’s a rare quality in a manga. That, you know, it shows the dark side and then also shows the flawed characters somehow finding something redeeming in it all. That’s pretty cool. And pretty complex, too, so far as action manga generally goes. Or maybe I have a really dim view of action manga. It’s kind of hard to see past all the sex-perfume that is Adekan. O_O;

Just a warning that there is a running “gay gag” throughout the manga, but it also comes with some serious subtext (not just comedy), so while this isn’t BL, people who are uncomfortable with BL might still be discomfited by this. I think those that don’t mind gayness in the subtext will be fine, but if you’re such a square that even subtext upsets you, you might want to avoid it. Like that friend I recommended Pet Shop of Horrors to, but he got freaked out by the Count… o_0; Or people that don’t like Vassalord because of it’s borderline gayness.

Definitely, like D, the protagonist of Adekan is sensual and androgynous in the extreme, and his depictions are deliberately titillating. (MORE titillating, even. At least D never lounged about in untied loincloths. *____*) So if you want an action manga with giant beefy macho guys (who are not bears! Lol) then this isn’t the one for you.

But if you like the idea of a brilliantly-drawn and intelligently-plotted action/mystery manga that just happens to have an all-male harem of homoerotic bishies in it, you’ll be fine.

^ enough said <3

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